Manitoba Border Checkpoint and Restrictions on Non-Essential Travel

Published on April 25, 2021
MPP Rickford was made aware of an email campaign calling to support him with a list of names to request a change regarding the Manitoba border checkpoint. People have been mis-informed, he has not made this request.
To clarify - the Ontario and Manitoba border checkpoint and restriction on non-essential travel will remain in place until further notice.
This step has been taken to reduce mobility and the spread of COVID-19. As evidenced by the continued increase in COVID-19 in both Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, we all need to play our part in reducing the risk at this time.
We will look forward to welcoming our friends and neighbours from Manitoba, and beyond, back with open-arms; once we get through this. For a few weeks of staying at home now, we will hopefully return to enjoyable times at the lake and camps this summer.
This message was reinforced last week in an interview with Hiatt Abendschoen - City News Winnipeg. Attached is MPP Rickford’s official response.
MPP Rickford thanks you for your patience, understanding and safe practices through these challenging times. For a few weeks of managing this together, we may yet enjoy another summer together.
Stay safe.