MPP Rickford Announces Ontario Community Infrastructure Funding

Published on January 25, 2021

Province investing more than $3 Million in infrastructure projects in KenoraRainy River

KENORA & RAINY RIVER DISTRICTS — The Ontario government is making another investment in small, rural and northern communities. Through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF), Ontario continues to support municipalities as they build and repair roads, bridges, water and wastewater infrastructure.

“Our government is supporting our local municipalities by creating jobs, attracting economic growth and investment, and making our community the best place to live and grow,” said Greg Rickford, MPP for Kenora–Rainy River. “This funding will help ensure the quality of repair roads, bridges, water and wastewater infrastructure across Kenora–Rainy River and the Northwest.”

This year, Kenora–Rainy River will receive more than $3 million across 15 municipalities to address their local community infrastructure needs.

Total investment in communities across Kenora - Rainy River are as follows:

Township of Alberton - $50,000

Township of Chapple - $50,000

Township of Dawson - $50,000

Township of La Vallee - $50,000

Township of Lake of the Woods - $50,000

Township of Morley - $50,000

Redditt Local Services Board - $50,000

Township of Sioux Narrows / Nestor Falls - $50,000

Township of Emo - $50,000

Township of Machin - $50,000

Town of Rainy River - $145,918

Township of Ignace - $193,693

City of Dryden - $666,969

Town of Fort Frances - $682,746

City of Kenora - $831,156

Total in Kenora-Rainy River $3,049,803

The funding above is a part of Ontario’s approximately $200 million commitment to 424 communities to help them address their core infrastructure projects and asset management planning needs in 2021.

“By investing in infrastructure projects across the province, we are strengthening and building communities,” said Laurie Scott, Minister of Infrastructure. “This is part of our ongoing commitment to support small, rural and northern municipalities across Ontario, providing stable funding needed to build long-term economic resilience.”