Ontario Protecting Lake of the Woods

Published on December 03, 2018

Last Thursday, Ontario’s Government for the People released a new made-in-Ontario environment plan to help protect our air, land and water, address litter and reduce waste, increase our resilience to climate change and help us to do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Preserving and Protecting our Environment for Future Generations: A Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan includes actions to protect Lake of the Woods by continuing to work with partners to reduce phosphorus levels can cause toxic blue-green algae. The made-in-Ontario plan takes specific action to address local challenges, prioritizing the protection and preservation of Lake of the Woods.

The plan will help protect the natural beauty in Northwestern Ontario, and the government is ensuring that Ontario can enjoy a healthy environment and strong communities. Most importantly, the made-in-Ontario plan takes meaningful action to protect and preserve Ontario’s environment without increasing taxes on the people of our province. 

“Our government has taken serious action to address the environmental challenges of the day, and we have created a plan that addresses these challenges while respecting the hardworking taxpayers in Ontario,” said MPP Greg Rickford. “Our made-in-Ontario plan takes specific action to address local challenges, and I am proud that our government is committed to protecting our own Lake of the Woods.”

Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation has also shown their support:

“The Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation applauds the government for its recognition and commitment to protect the quality of the Lake of the Woods," said Todd Sellers, Executive Director, Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation.

Ontario's plan will ensure that polluters are held accountable with stronger enforcement and tougher penalties for breaking environmental laws. One of the plan’s underlying themes is transparency and a commitment to making real-time information about monitoring, incidents and enforcement available to the public.

The government will also enable others to be environmental leaders and do their part in developing environmental solutions. This includes helping unleash the resourcefulness and creativity of our private sector while freeing them from burdensome taxes and red tape that make them less profitable and hinder their growth.

It will also encourage meaningful local environmental action through initiatives such as a new province-wide day of action to fight litter, alongside meaningful partnerships with organizations like Ducks Unlimited and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to fight invasive species and encourage conservation.