Service Ontario Extended Validities

Published on June 03, 2020

Service Ontario Services

Our government and ServiceOntario have been working closely with public health officials throughout COVID-19 to ensure the safety of staff and clients – without disrupting ServiceOntario’s ability to deliver critical services.

To ensure we are promoting physical distancing, we are encouraging Ontarians not to visit a ServiceOntario unless absolutely necessary.

Our government has taken action to decrease the need to visit a ServiceOntario by:

  1. extending the validation for many of the most common renewals and;
  2. encouraging Ontarians to make use of the more than 40 services available online.

To ensure public safety when an in-person visit is necessary, ServiceOntario offices are enhancing their cleaning routines, screening clients, and ensuring physical distancing.

Extension of validation periods:

  • In order to further reduce the need to visit a ServiceOntario at this time, we have extended validation to expired and expiring driver’s licences, health cards, Ontario Photo Cards, licence plate stickers, accessible parking permits, and many more products.
  • These will continue to remain valid and legal past the expiry until further notice.
  • Communication has been shared with enforcement advising them of these changes
  • A full list of services with extended validity periods is available online:

Online services:

  • More than 40 ServiceOntario services are available online. Ontarians expect that when they enter their information online, it will be protected.
  • Online applications used by ServiceOntario have a level of protection comparable to that used in the banking industry. This will ensure that the data and privacy of the public is protected.
  • For a list of services with extended validity periods, you may wish to consult the following link: